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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

Berwick Wheelers Cycle Club serves members from across the eastern scottish borders and north northumberland.

We also have active members in other parts of the country.

What do you do for your members?

We organise a number of events for members throughout the year..

  • Social Rides
  • Time Trials (League & Championship Awards) 
  • Training Rides
  • Indoor Training Rides (Zwift)
  • Spinning Classes (Winter evenings)
  • Circuit Training (Winter evenings)

We also run a virtual club house (VCH) where members and friends can chat/trade/sell etc.

There are also discounts available for members from various local and internet suppliers.

How can I join?

The majority of our members join via the Berwick Wheelers page on the British Cycling Website - click on the 'Join Our Club' tab and follow the instructions on the screen. 

You can also contact any members of the committee direct (use the contact us page on this website) and join the old fashioned way..  

Do I need to be at a certain level to join?

We have members of all levels within the club, and welcome anyone to join.  

Cycling clubs in general can have a reputation of being a little 'eliteist' - so its understandable to have concerns..  Berwick Wheelers have members who train seriously and compete in competitions at national levels, and we also have members who just come out for a casual sunday social ride.  

Whatever you are looking the club is here to assist - all you need to do is come along, get involved and see for yourself..  

Can I join as a trial?

Yes, you would be welcome to join us as a trial, apply on our Virtual Clubhouse (see links page) - we will get you into the group and you can join events to see what we do.  

If you attend regularly though then the expectation is that you will join the club. 

Can I join your ride as a guest?

We welcome guests on all our rides.  If you are visiting the area, if you are local, or if you are a memebr of another club..  you would always be welcome to join us for our events..  

If you want to join us regularly then we would ask you to join the club.. you can join as a Second Claim member - its just so we are covered for insurance. 

Use the Contact Us page to get in touch...